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НПП «Олешківські піски»​

Національний природний парк «Олешківські піски» запрошує гостей

The territory of the National Wildlife Park "Oleshky Sands" belongs to unique natural landscapes, which miraculously survived among the southern steppes and has a special conservation, recreation, historical-cultural, scientific, educational, and aesthetic value. It is here that the true, natural miracle of Ukraine – Oleshky Desert – is preserved.

Олешківські піски – унікальний куточок Херсонського краю. Це те місто, за чим їдуть туристи. Місце, що просто не може залишатися поза мапою Ваших подорожей. Це – неймовірне видовище, здатне захопити і здивувати водночас. Місце, прекрасне о будь-якій порі року.

And did you hear that - "the desert is blooming"? When the desert blooms - this is a real fairy tale! Yellow flowers zinovaty Dnieper cover barkhans bright rugs. The unpretentious steppe plants are full of real beauty: the Dnipro gooseberries, the short-haired cornflower, the Dnieper thyme, the small-flowered tree, pine trees - ordinary and Crimean, as well as the apple tree, the hawthorn, and the most beautiful among the sands is the white bearded birch tree. Birch Dnieper well adapted to southern conditions of growth and is found only in these edges, decorates the desert and creates cozy oases for recreation of tourists.

You can learn all about this by visiting an interesting excursion, where Park's experts will tourists with ecological trails among high bark, provide rest by a birch among the endless sandy sea. And the interesting legends and romantic stories of the native land, where nature has created an experiment on a combination of rare landscapes, flora and fauna, belonging to different natural zones, will add unforgettable impressions to your unusual journey.

Whoever likes to rest can leave the hot sandsfor the comfort of the former "Gilea", which had once been seen here once famous by Herodotus, the father of the history of the ancient world. It is better to choose an excursion on the territory of the protected Burkut. Wetlands with diverse inhabitants, salty and fresh lakes nearby, birch whisks, grass meadows, amazing legends - all this will give you bright impressions for a pleasant stay!

We invite you to visit the unique location of southern Ukraine!

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