Pavlo Yarmiy

Founder and Head of ARD TATC, Master of Public Administration, certified specialist "FDI," project manager for investment attraction, tourism development and SMEs. Head of the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of Nova Kakhovka. Creator and co-organizer of the festivals "Water for Life," "Vinotavr," "Tavria Fest," the International Investment Forum "Tavria Horizons" and the "Tavria Tourist Congress." Head of the Ukrainian-Slovak financial and consulting company "Finist Group Ltd." and founder and head of the tourist company "Finist Tour."

Phone/Fax: (05549) 7-78-07

Cell: (050) 318-16-81

E-mail: [email protected]

Alexei Chirkov

Founder of ARD TATC, Master of Project Management, and certified facilitator of the British Council's "Active Citizens" Program. Owner and director of advertising agency "Palmira Group."

Phone/Fax: (05549) 7-72-05

Cell: (050) 494-20-05, (093) 849-89-99

E-mail: [email protected]

Viktoriya Kulakova

Lead project manager for ARD TATC. Certified facilitator of the British Council's "Active Citizens" Program. Graduate of the educational program "Development of the Potential of Business Associations in Ukraine" (CIEE). Expert in project management and fundraising (educational programs from the Visegrad Fund, CIEE). Certified specialist in the field of "Festival Tourism" (LINK USAID project). Trainer in basic entrepreneurship. Owner and director of the design studio "VictoryHouse."


Cell: (095) 946-01-58, (096) 394-60-53

E-mail: [email protected]

Valeriy Brusenskiy

Head of the NGO "Strong Country." Project Manager of the "School of Young Journalists."




Cell: (099) 908-40-42, (067) 892-52-61

E-mail: [email protected]

Daria Kramchanina

Marketer and Manager at ARD TATC. She graduated from the Leon Kozminsky Academy in Warsaw. Translator in Polish and English.


Cell: (066) 024-20-42

E-mail: [email protected]