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Клуб людей поважного віку

Creating a club association for the elderly, with the purpose of socialization and adaptation...

Marina Zhukova
Project Implemented
Nova Kakhovka
Благодійна акція «Щедрий Миколай 2015»

Restoring and preserving the historical customs of the childhood holiday of St. Nicholas Day with his "personal...

Alexei Chirkov
Julia Gavrilyuk
Project Completed
Nova Kakhovka

Motivation to master current professions and career orientation of the unemployed population...

Alena Yakovenko
Project Completed
Центр Гуманітарної Допомоги Дітям

Assistance to children in difficult living conditions - children from IDP families, children in the zone...

NGO "We are Kherson"
Project Implemented
Центр громадських експертиз

Building civil society, creating an effective mechanism for monitoring power by...

Andrey Tkachenko
Vitaly Belobrov
Project Implemented
Фестиваль «Берегиня Таврії 2016»

Bereginya - goddess of femininity, kindness, mercy of human protection. Protects the home, family wealth, and...

Irina Chervona
Irina Borodin
Viktoriya Kulakova
Resources Needed
Kakhovka District
Правова допомога — доступна всім

Providing free primary and secondary legal aid for all...

Oleg Baturin
Elena Sushko
Project Implemented
Nova Kakhovka
Кам’яні вишиванки – шедеври півдня України

  • Information campaign for influence on power;
  • popularization of value...

Tetyana Yevseyeva
Project Implemented