First Regional Meeting Held for the Project Greenways "Salt Road"

18 January 2019

On January 17, the first regional meeting for the implementation of the infrastructure project Greenways "Salt Road" was held in the office of the "Agency of Regional Development of the Tavria Association of Territorial Communities" (ARD TATC).

Among the attendees of the meeting were representatives of the cities and administrations: the heads of the Amalgamated Territorial Communities (ATC) of the Kherson Oblast, representatives from the Beryslav and Kakhovka district and city councils, and deputies of the Kherson Oblast Administration. They discussed the urgency of development and economic growth in the region and ATCs through the tourism sector, particularly through the project Greenways "Salt Road." Highlights included the existing tourist costs and revenues in Nova Kakhovka and the forecast of revenues from the project.

The main goal was the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation for the project

Greenways "Salt Road," agreeing to the promotion and joint development of tourism in the Kherson region. On January 17, the Memorandum was signed by 9 parties: 8 districts and ARD TATC.

Head of ARD TATC, Pavlo Yarmiy, shared the 2018 results of the project and presented the following:

  1. To involve not only representatives of the government, but also businesses, with the cooperation of the best experts to create a strategy for the implementation of Greenways "Salt Road"
  2. To produce high-quality promotional materials
  3. To participate together in Ukrainian and international tourist events and exhibitions

These three actions in 2019 will help to reach the goal of increasing tourist flow by 30% by 2025. As a result of the plan, according to Pavlo Yarmiy, even a pessimistic forecast would result in 100,000 tourists visiting the region via the Greenways "Salt Road."

Head of Askania-Nova ATC - V. K. Svinitsytsky, head of Tavrychanka ATC - Y. A. Grechka, and head of Prycyvaska OTG - S.A. Klishchevsky expressed their support of the project and its relevance and importance.

Businessman and deputy of the Kherson Oblast Council, Igor Yosypenko, expressed his support for the business and the call to actively participate in the development of the tourism sector.

In March, the project team will promote the tourist corridor at the UITT-2019 International Spring Exhibition, and before then, the team will work on engaging businesses and inviting experts for Greenways "Salt Road."


Меморандум про співпрацю в рамках проекту “Туристичний кластер “Соляна дорога” від 17 січня 2019 – Меморандум Нова Каховка 17-01-2019

Меморандум про співпрацю в рамках проекту “Туристичний кластер “Соляна дорога” від 22 березня 2019 – Меморандум Херсон 22-03-2019