Presentation of the Greenways "Salt Road" Project at Kakhovka

19 December 2018

Yesterday on December 17, representatives of businesses, the city council of Kakhovka, and the district council of Kakhovka met with experts from the Agency of Regional Development of the Tavria Association of Territorial Communities (ARD TATC). We discussed the urgency of the economic development of the city and the region through the activation of the tourism sector, the tourist figures and incomes of cities in Ukraine, and how, through the participation of the city of Kakhovka and the Kakhovka district in the project, Greenways "Salt Road" ( can increase revenues for both businesses and local administrative budgets.

Pavlo Yarmiy, head of ARD TATC, explained how "Greenways" are an international system of certificated multifunctional tourist corridors for non-motorized or pedestrian-controlled travel, passing along natural corridors, historical trade routes, etc. In the Kherson region, this path could be the "Salt Road of the Chumaks," which our team sees as a great opportunity to build on the history of the great land. The beautiful project "Salt Road" could attract foreign tourists who don't go only to the sea, namely to towns and villages of the Kherson region where they can find a unique experience rather than an ordinary vacation.

ARD TATC has been working on projects focused on the promotion of these territories and investment attraction for over 10 years. Since 2013, the team has systematically worked with the communities of the Kherson region, which have already achieved outstanding and consistent results from their new and attractive investment policies.

"Salt Road" is a tourist investment project that unites the ATCs: Tavrychanka, Askania Nova, Prysyvas'ka, Khrestivka, and Lyubymivka, as well as the cities of Beryslav (Gazi-Kermen), Nova Kakhovka, and Kakhovka (Islam-Kermen) because in these places there is much potential for tourism if you create the product.


In addition to the communities, some businesses, even those not directly from the tourism sector, are involved in the project. They can conduct interesting excursions to their farms and factories or involve their own products.

The main challenge for Greenways "Salt Road" is that for this project to become a certified international tourist corridor, we must cooperate with representatives of both the governments and businesses. The promotion of the region must be the responsibility of the governments, since businesses cannot represent the region international exhibitions or produce promotional materials about the Regional Projects.

The result of the meeting was the agreement of those present on the organization of another presentation of the project, but with a larger group of businessmen and deputies of the Kakhovka city council and Kakhovka district administration. The date of the new meeting will be announced later.

ARD TATC's Greenways "Salt Road" project can also be discussed today by phone: (095) 946-01-58 (Victoria), or by e-mail: [email protected]

For more information on our Greenways "Salt Road" project, see here - та велика стаття від Українського кризового медіа-центру –


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