New Years Celebration at the Business Evening

1 January 2019

What do you do on New Years Eve?

Here at the Agency of Regional Development, we shared the evening of December 27 with our big family of like-minded people at a Business Meeting by the Fireplace.

We are glad that our partners from the Greenways "Salt Road" project supported us and took part in this event!

We want to thank the Tavrychanka and Prycivas'ka ATCs, the Beryslav district administration and deputies of the Nova Kakhovka city council for their fruitful cooperation in 2018 and for sharing our views and plans for 2019!

Unfortunately the Lyubymovka, Zelenopid and Askania Nova ATCs could not come, but they conveyed to all their sincere congratulations for the New Year.

We are thankful for the support from travel agents, who are very important to us because these people can be the face of our joint projects!

We met new entrepreneurs and hope that they will be future partners such as the active citizens of Beryslav and Mala Kakhovka – we were convinced that the Kherson region indeed has active entrepreneurs who want to change the future for the better!

We are also sincerely thankful to our business partners in Nova Kakhovka for their active participation and support of the project "Salt Road!"

We are very grateful for everyone for the emotions, atmosphere, and good mood at our last "Business Evening by the Fireplace" in 2018.

We also want the pleasant memories of this wonderful evening to warm your thoughts during the winter holidays! Sincerely, Happy 2019 to all!

We hope to see you at our next "Business Evening by the Fireplace," which will be held in the near future! Follow the news at and do not miss out on the fun! та не пропустіть найцікавіше!



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